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  • December 2017 - January 2018

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Workshop with Operation Red Nose 

    - 2018 Marine Personnel Regulations workshop 

    Welcome Aboard! assessment report soon available

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  • November 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Welcome Aboard! 2017: 10th edition

    - Marine-sector occupational health and safety training tools: contract signed

    - Results of the distribution of the financial funding after the completion of the Maritime Industry Training Needs Surveys 

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  • October 2017

    Featured in this newsletter

    - Welcome Aboard! 2017

    - 2018-2021 strategic planning

    - Tour of the regions 

    - Maritime industry training needs survey time in full swing! 

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  • September 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Maritime industry training needs survey 

    - Welcome Aboard! 

    - Development of marine health and safety tools

    - Changes to the CFMU

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  • July-August 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Study on land-based trades 

    - Schedule change for the “Info-emplois” job posting service!

    - Summer projects

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  • June 2017

    Featured in the newsletter :

    - REMINDER: Annual General Meeting 

    - Fondation Monique-Fitz-Back drawing contest awards ceremony

    - General Shipping Knowledge training in Québec City 

    - Photo session at the Port of Québec

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  • May 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - General Shipping Knowledge training in Québec City in May!

    - REMINDER: Annual General Meeting 

    - Much-awaited training session in Rimouski in June!

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  • April 2017

    Featured in this newsletter : 

    IMPORTANT! Annual General Meeting: Mark it on your calendar 

    First-ever training session on marine-sector energy efficiency!

    General shipping knowledge training in Québec City in May! 

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  • March 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    • Marine Personnel Regulations workshop
    • General shipping knowledge training, March 8 in Longueuil
    • Introduction to navigating personnel certification training, March 9 in Longueuil


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  • February 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    • New Sectorial Committee recruits
    • Good news! Project approved
    • Reminder — Marine personnel regulations workshop
    • Important notice — Emploi-Québec financial assistance for regulated marine-sector training 
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  • December 2016 - January 2017

    Featured in this newsletter:

    • Emploi-Québec Financial assis­tance for regulated marine-sector training
    • Coming soon: a comprehensive por­trait of land-based marine occupations in Québec
    • Sectorial committee kicks off 2nd edition of Facebook photo contest!
    • First Marine industry health and safety workshop very po­pular in Longueuil!
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  • November 2016

    Featured in this newsletter:

    • Summary of funding distribution following the Marine Industry Training Needs Survey
    • Summary of Training Coordinator's Regional Tour
    • First edition of Introductory Marine Personnel Certification System Training successful!
    • SSVD in Seamanship : Moving ahead quickly!
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