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Le Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre de l’industrie maritime

What is the Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry? 

The Sectorial Committee (CSMOIM) is a non-profit organization composed of marine-sector employers and workers. Since 2001, it has implemented human resources and skills development projects, organizing training for those who are employed in or seeking employment in the maritime industry.

The Sectorial Committee, which ensures maritime human resources quantity and quality, is mandated to promote sector-related training, trades and occupations in order to help companies become more competitive and boost job growth in its activity sector.

Job offers

  • Le Groupe Riverin Maritime inc.

    Mécanicien 4e classe


    Navigant - Salle des machines

  • Bureau Veritas Marine (Canada) Inc

    Marine Assistant


    Non-navigant - Autre

  • Groupe Desgagnés inc

    N/C Harbour First - Équipage complet

    Grands lacs et Est du Canada

    Navigant - De pont

    Navigant - Salle des machines

    Navigant - Autre

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News from CSMOIM

  • 14 janvier 2019

    New Portrait of people working in the maritime industry!

    New Portrait of people working in the maritime industry!

    The 5th Portrait of Workers in the Marine Industry is now online!

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  • 11 janvier 2018

    Une première cohorte pour le programme de Matelotage!

    Une première cohorte pour le programme de Matelotage!
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  • 28 mars 2017

    Formation en Efficacité énergétique appliquée au domaine maritime

    First-ever training session on marine-sector energy efficiency!

    For the first time, this spring, the Sectorial Committee will offer a training session on energy efficiency as it applies to the...

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Prendre le large Bulletin

  • June 2019

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Successful marine industry immersion for 25 guidance counsellors!

    - Current and future Sectorial Committee projects and files

    - Annual General Meeting

    - Info-Emplois scheduling change 

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  • April-May 2019

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Two training sessions to come!

    - Sectorial Committee to meet with Québec City area guidance counsellors

    - Sectorial Committee Board of Directors news 

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  • March 2019

    Featured in this newsletter :

    - Feedback on 2019 Marine Personnel Regulations Workshop

    - Coming: 2019 job fair!

    - Maternity leave coming up!

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