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Studies and documentation


This section contains all of the documentation produced by the Sectorial Committee, the studies and reports authored since 2012 and all information related to press releases issued by the Sectorial Committee.


(Most studies and analyses are in French only)

Highlights - Sectorial study on human resources requirements in the Québec maritime transport industry 
Summary of the sectorial study on Québec's marine industry human resources
Summary on Québec immigrants with marine qualifications (July 2008)
Summary of the sectorial study on Workforce Employment in the Quebec Marine Industry (May 2008)
Final report - Seaphase Work Term Working Group


Directory of programs and training leading to maritime careers
Working in Québec’s marine industry (information document for immigrants)
Glossary of maritime terms and useful links
On-the-job training and skills development – Guide for marine-sector businesses

Studies and analyses

Analysis of obstacles and gateways linked to sea fishermen’s moving to the merchant marine – Summary tables (fall 2014)
Survey of Québec marine officers on the status of their occupation – Highlights (December 2014)
Continuing education working group report (December 2014)

Consultation on the Québec government’s Maritime Strategy: opinion, advice and recommendations of the Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry (fall 2014)
Sectorial study on marine human resources in Québec (November 2013)
Sectorial study on marine human resources in Québec - summary
Study on female human resources in the marine industry – attraction, promoting access and entry and retention (May 2013)

Study on integrating immigrants into the Québec marine industry (March 2013)
Occupational analysis report – deckhand (June 2012)

Press Releases

  • 8 juillet 2020

    New sectorial study on human resources requirements in the Québec maritime transport industry


    Ongoing Québec maritime transport industry growth reflected in the industry's increasing number...

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  • 20 novembre 2019

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  • 20 septembre 2019

    Maritime Employment Week: A brand-new initiative to promote marine careers!


    Québec City, September 19, 2019 – The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) and the...

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  • 6 septembre 2018

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  • 6 septembre 2017



    Pour diffusion immédiate

    Les métiers maritimes terrestres au Québec; vous...

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  • 25 mai 2017

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  • 28 septembre 2016

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  • 19 juillet 2016

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  • 3 mars 2016

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