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Le Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre de l’industrie maritime

What is the Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry? 

The Sectorial Committee (CSMOIM) is a non-profit organization composed of marine-sector employers and workers. Since 2001, it has implemented human resources and skills development projects, organizing training for those who are employed in or seeking employment in the maritime industry.

The Sectorial Committee, which ensures maritime human resources quantity and quality, is mandated to promote sector-related training, trades and occupations in order to help companies become more competitive and boost job growth in its activity sector.

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News from CSMOIM

  • 6 février 2017

    Formation introduction à la certification du personnel navigant

    La formation d'introduction à la certification du personnel navigant sera le 9 mars 2017, à la Maison de l'UPA à Longueuil. Les coûts sont de 295$ plus les taxes, par personne. Le repas est...

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  • 3 février 2017

    Formation sur les connaissances générales en transport maritime

    La formation sur les Connaissances générales en transport maritime sera le 8 mars prochain à la Maison de l'UPA, à Longueuil. Le coût est de 250$ plus les taxes, par personne. Le repas est inclus....

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  • 22 juin 2016

    BIMCO Manpower Report

    The Committee made a summary of the report BIMCO ( Baltic and International Maritime Council) about supply and demand of the manpower in the Maritime Industry globally. 

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  • March 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    • Marine Personnel Regulations workshop
    • General shipping knowledge training, March 8 in Longueuil
    • Introduction to navigating personnel certification training, March 9 in Longueuil


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  • February 2017

    Featured in this newsletter :

    • New Sectorial Committee recruits
    • Good news! Project approved
    • Reminder — Marine personnel regulations workshop
    • Important notice — Emploi-Québec financial assistance for regulated marine-sector training 
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  • December 2016 - January 2017

    Featured in this newsletter:

    • Emploi-Québec Financial assis­tance for regulated marine-sector training
    • Coming soon: a comprehensive por­trait of land-based marine occupations in Québec
    • Sectorial committee kicks off 2nd edition of Facebook photo contest!
    • First Marine industry health and safety workshop very po­pular in Longueuil!
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