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Sectorial Committees


The Human Resources Sectorial Committees (CSMOs) are non-profit consultation organizations formally recognized by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT) under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition. In total, there are 29 CSMOs that identify the workforce development needs of their economic activity sector and support the development of its skills.

The CSMOs operate through the active participation of labour market partners using a consensus-based approach. They are made up of representatives of workers, employers or employer associations, unions, as well as government departments and sectoral organizations, whose participation is non-voting.



The CSMO Digital Guide is a free tool available at all times that allows you to obtain information specific to each of the CSMOs with respect to labour market information, skills development and human resources management.

Click here to discover the digital guide (French only)

Download the promotional poster (French only)