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Training needs survey


Every year, all Sectorial Committee member organizations receive an invitation by e-mail to complete the training needs survey. 

Knowing skills and training-related needs for navigating and non-navigating personnel is central to the Sectorial Committee’s mandate. This annual survey is used to draw up a list of the needs of Québec’s maritime organizations and to meet them.

The organizations’ participation is essential. In addition to enabling training to be tailored to members’ needs, the survey results are used in allocating financial assistance for regulated training.The document also contains information about eligibility requirements in regards to financial aid for regulated maritime training and about the process of distribution of this later.

To make things easy for its member organizations, the Sectorial Committee uses an interactive survey form that can be completed and returned online. The document also contains more detailed information on eligibility criteria for financial assistance for regulated training and on the funding distribution process, among other things. 

It is important to save the document before completing it. Afterwards, you can complete it and send it to

Dowload the 2020-2021 Survey. 

*** (Don't forget to dowload the document on your computer before completing it .)** 

Please contact Susan Falkner at for more information.