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Portraits of people working in the maritime industry

This section of our website features people working in the maritime industry, highlighting various related trades, occupations and career opportunities in this major industry.

Interested in finding out about a typical workday of a port superintendent, shipping agent, naval architecture technician, etc.? Read about these men and women who design and repair ships, guide them and ensure that the Québec maritime industry runs smoothly!

Featuring people working in the maritime sector!

Read about:

Portrait of Daniel Boisvert, Regional Director of Operations and Captain

Portrait of Laurence Beaulieu, Naval Architecture Technician 

Portrait of Patrick Couture, Vessel Superintendent

Portrait of Isabelle Vallières, Control Room Technician

Portrait of Virgil Légaré, Deckhand  

Portrait of Jérôme Gagnon, Navigation teacher

Portrait of Raphaël Beaudoin-Gagnon, Fleet Operator