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27 octobre 2023

Read the report Generation Z and millennials: discover their views on jobs, finances and the future

On September 27, the Sector Committee team took part in the webinar Génération Z et milléniaux : Découvrez leurs points de vue sur leur emploi, leurs finances, et leur avenir presented by Léger.

During this presentation, the results of the Youth 2023 Study (6th edition) were explained.

This annual study helps organizations to reflect on and refine their relationships with younger generations. A number of key findings emerged from the study, including:

  • Gen Z and millennials are increasingly pessimistic about the future of the planet;
  • The impact of inflation continues to be felt by younger generations;
  • 15% of young Canadians intend to leave their jobs in the next year.

We invite you to consult the full report, available free of charge on Léger's website.